St. Clair Animal Hospital

Dr. Sue and Staff

Dr. Susan M. Stanley, D.V.M

Dr. Stanley is a 1980 graduate of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. She is a progressive small animal practitioner who believes in maintaining quality by participating in continuing education. Dr. Stanley also tries to promote strong doctor/patient ties by getting to know the clients who own the pets. This fosters a “family doctor” type atmosphere to the hospital. Dr Stanley is also the proud mother of a daughter, Morgan, whom she adopted years ago when Morgan was just 6 weeks old.

Dr. Susan Stanley St. Clair Animal Hospital


Mary works full time as a veterinary assistant. In addition she actively trains her dogs in obedience and agility. In obedience she has taken several dogs to the UD level. In agility she has achieved an open agility title and an open jumpers title, plus several excellent ratings.

Mary Nee St. Clair Animal Hospital


Nancy works part time as a veterinary assistant. Her full time job was running All Breed Pet Grooming and Boarding in Mascoutah, Illinois which recently closed. She and her husband enjoy multiple pets.

Nancy St. Clair Animal Hospital


Jana works part time as a veterinary assistant, in addition to a full time job and her family she enjoys her  dogs and  cats.

Jana Wood St. Clair Animal Hospital

Therapeutic Laser Treatments

  • Effective treatment of painful and debilitating conditions
  • Patient safety without the risk of collateral tissue damage

    When Dixon wears his doggles it transforms his normal “pouty face” into cool!

therapeutic laser treatments